Bridge Deck Forms

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Interior Hangers

Interior bridge deck hangers are typically fabricated using two heavy duty sheet metal end clips that have been electrically resistance welded to an appropriate sized wire or formed metal connecting strut.  In most cases, the end clips used on interior hangers locate two coil bolts, one on each side of the bridge beam, at 90° to the top surface of the beam.  These hangers can be used on rolled structural steel beams, fabricated steel plate girders or precast/prestressed concrete girders.  

On occasion, there is a need for an interior half hanger that may be welded to the top flange of a steel beam, attached to the shear studs on a steel beam or the rebar shear connectors on concrete girders.  However, most DOTs specifications prohibit any type of field welding to flanges in tension zones, restricting welding to compression zones only.  When this restriction is encountered, several types of clip-on hangers are available for use.

Hangers are placed at predetermined locations on top of the interior bay beams and support the formwork, as well as all construction materials and workers during the installation phase of the formwork construction process.  Once the formwork has been completed and concrete is placed, the interior hangers support the weight of the freshly placed concrete.   After the concrete reaches a specified strength, hangers no longer serve a purpose and the coil bolts and washers can be removed allowing the formwork to be removed.

All interior hangers are identified by the shape of the end section using in the manufacture of the hanger.  Unless other wise noted, all end sections are designed to accept a 1/2” diameter coil bolt or coil rod.


Exterior Hangers

Exterior hangers generally utilizes two different types of end clips, a 90° end to support the interior formwork and a 45° end to support the overhang forming on the exterior side.  Dayton Superior offers several exterior hangers that are especially designed to support bridge deck formwork loads, consisting of a live load, dead load, formwork load and usually on the
exterior overhang a concrete conveyor and/or a finishing machine load. Occasionally, 45° half hangers may be required, especially for use in situations where prestressed concrete or steel stayin-place forms are used to form the interior bays of a bridge deck.

Exterior bridge deck hangers are designed for use on rolled structural steel beams, fabricated steel plate girders or precast/prestressed concrete girders. Hangers are designed to be used with full bearing under the end clips.  It is essential to check the exact beam width dimensions before ordering